What is the mainstream direction of food and beverage investment

What is the mainstream direction of food and beverage investment

Chinese has always been "hunger breeds discontentment", food is always an important part of the market China! Rapid economic growth has promoted the development of the food and beverage industry, 16 consecutive years to maintain the growth of the figure of, the total sales in 2008 reached an unprecedented $1 trillion and 500 billion! Scale capacity continues to grow, in 2011 will reach 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan!

today to the essence of "the Hot pot barbecue and delicacy of color, flavor and taste, shape," as the standard, to achieve a new upgrade and the Hot pot barbecue!

no kitchen, no chef, no fumes of the "three noes", a new development direction of barbecue, unique and rich landscape, there is a market "three", will make the bustling shops!

to barbecue and Hot pot industry do meet the following points must be successful:

3 healthy recipes, nutrition health achievements of barbecue, to achieve a qualitative leap, the opponent is difficult to catch up, diners flock!

in investment at the same time also have to pay attention to the following:

1 brands: investing in the best time to choose well-known brands, because good brand effect and reputation to quickly gather popularity;

3 low cost: 82 80 grilled meat string; a pack of secret production material development and thirty pounds of chicken, seventy pounds of meat string; most of the ingredients in the local procurement, save a lot of logistics cost;

4 save manpower: automatic barbecue, DIY Province, province of self-help, chef assistant!

5 rich dishes: fruit, vegetables, meat dishes complete, fresh sea exchange, meet diners amazing taste!

to roast mutton string 100 string for example:

1.100 mutton string required mutton cost about 38 yuan

2 charcoal costs 1 yuan

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