One dollar can start a business

One dollar can start a business

is not thinking about entrepreneurship? But the thought of a lot of money on startups need to play drums, but business does not need so much money, you have not thought about entrepreneurship with a piece of money? Don’t look down on a piece of money, well, it’s a good way to get rich. If you want to know the story of a piece of money to get rich, take a look at the following small articles to share it, tell you what to do 1 dollars to get rich.

1 what money from selling tea cup with

Cheng just laid off have been looking for a suitable project, by chance, he heard of " disposable tea cup ". He found through the investigation, the current use of disposable cups lack of cup cover, tea is difficult to open, tea floating on the tea cup is not pretty, some paper cups are not good, it is also easy to water.

1 the money what? Coffee instead of tea appears down for

1 what can be done in the hotel, the majority of the boss is not willing to pay more to the guests, and that they will be able to cope with a light pot of tea table guests. He then ran some Private Companies, but most do not think it is necessary to entertain clients, as long as a glass of mineral water, also said he was to do business, and not to tea, a cup of water is polite.

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