Retail business should attach importance to the network

Retail business should attach importance to the network

some people are constantly looking for contacts but suffer from no contacts, and some people have connections but not very good grasp. Some people say that "network" is a kind of productivity, whether you like it or not, and if you don’t believe it, if you want to do what you want to do and do well, if there is no support and help of interpersonal relationships is not really.

now set up a lot of bosses are lamenting their business is not good to do, complaining that there are few loyal customers as a stable source. Pessimistic they don’t pay attention to have such a resource utilization: can go to any one person, a family, his hidden behind a huge family consumer group, this is the "connections", but we usually have no intention to mining, and has been operating.

a year, my brother-in-law married the son I went to a wedding feast, I have to sit at a table and brother-in-law brother-in-law. The brother in law, but a good man, the family opened a factory and a restaurant. Since we were sitting in a table, and the relatives of relatives, so there is less of a gap, three glasses of wine we crossed several threshold children, I have to warm up to him directly address each other as brothers. He said I can drink quite generous, I said he is really generous buddy loyalty; he invited me to his home with a drink, I even shuiqin Pro loess into gold.

because of this some warm wine, then under my brother-in-law’s help and arrangement, I really took the "astepping-stone to success" as a gift by his wife’s birthday, the opportunity to go to his home to drink a cup. Since then, the use of the family business network set up a friend, he is not the only hotel and factory consumption of alcohol, all designated by me to supply, he will also several of his brother-in-law and his wife brother introduced me, for my sales and expand the number of pipeline network.

for these blunt relatives and friends relationship to shoppers, they could be because there is a layer of countless Pro friendship, so to take care of my business, and we can not be cynical, slaughter is a thought. No matter how much they buy, I have to take the time to chat with them for a while, but also to say a few words to make people want to listen to polite words. The most critical is the settlement price, do not make money is not realistic, I will give them every time a more favorable buy price to settle.

The second to

for a long time, feeling after the culture of consolidation after the relatives and friends will not only become our loyal customers will also die hard, then their aunt, all over the eight Kou her seven. Layers, by "Pro friendship" to build up a shopping tour, like an inverted "Pyramid", the geometry was constantly enlarged. Often have customers to shop and said to me, we are relatives, he was introduced to the Moumou Moumou, his children’s aunt or the like. Thus, the operation of the good pulse, that is woven

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