Million yuan to open a small domestic beef shop project

Million yuan to open a small domestic beef shop project


diet is an essential part of human life, along with the Western diet and cultural exchanges gradually deepened, more and more people love to eat beef, beef to open a shop, as long as million yuan investment, there is the possibility to allow investors to deduct!

"start a little hard, but for their own work, comfortable!" talking about his business, time-honored Shenji Deli director Shen Jufen very mixed feelings, she told reporters that she would not be laid off, do not walk the road of entrepreneurship. Shen Jufen said, in fact, the family has long been the ancestral sauce beef and beef stew soup recipe, but never thought to sell cooked food. Shen Jufen said, when the mabukai face, "selling delicatessen" sounds bad and fabrication process is very hard, also did not want to go up from.

but wait until after being laid off, she tried several jobs did not succeed, but in other units to work but also by a lot of gas. Thus, Shen Jufen heart a horizontal: entrepreneurship!". She said, know that business risk, when he is also hesitant, but looking back, which is the risk of work, may face the risk of termination of the contract, walking may encounter traffic accident risk, no one hundred percent things in the world, only one stroke, may also be wonderful.

beef is one of the most common type of diet in life, although much but did not get the attention of investors to open a beef shop, let you easily become rich, let your early career achievement!


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