Talk about some opinions about classified information websites

Talk about some opinions about classified information websites

contact the classified information website has a month, from absolutely ignorant of over classified information to the current knowledge, through a very difficult process, because this is not good at this, even a little not familiar with this industry, but because of the need to work, I try to understand a lot of on the website of information of the past, the present situation and future development. Read a lot of similar articles and do some small analysis, a lot of data show that life service websites in the Internet will have great room for development, mainly based on classified information, website model. So I have a little talk about this month since I classified information website understanding and the understanding of the situation, the process of cognition is mainly from the beginning of treasure net.

know Baowang is shortly after coming to Nanchang, it is classified information website of Nanchang local area of the ground network was established in 2006, since the development of two years has many loyal local users and good technical resources in Nanchang. Based on this, I am curious about classification information, and I have heard of some big classified information websites, such as 58, go to market and so on. As the classified information network such treasure regional development so far can let me know the classified information website to deeper. As we all know, the United States the success of the Cragslist, in 2005 about more than 3000 China large size can provide classified information service website suddenly emerged, as can be imagined the hot moment of classified information website is a cruel competition.

in the past three years, after the survival of the fittest market, many classified information websites, dead, injured, also have a firm foothold. The classification of existing information have a relatively large 58 city, go to the market, reputation, and love to help people, kuxun, everybody also knows why these sites can survive, or a huge amount of financing, financial support will be bigger and stronger; there is a class with the Internet giant cooperation giant the backing can be in an invincible position in the competition; some are born rich, even self-evident, can live today is also behoove. Of course, as a local classifieds site ground network can after two years of competition still has a good reputation in the local show that it is quite strong.

classified information is an emerging industry, and has been a controversial host in the internet. Why is it so hot? In my opinion, the development of classified information websites is of great significance because it is the real Web2.0, that is to say, this is closely related to the arrival of the Web2.0 Internet era. The concept of Web2.0 can understand this, it will dominate the Internet content to users at the same time and achieve the "write" of the Internet, let the Internet truly interactive, which promotes Internet users from simple browsers into information maker, but also to the Internet and entertainment by an information platform to truly become a personal life and business platform. And the best embodiment of this concept is the classified information website, so it is not surprising that the classified information websites are so heated. < >

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