Talking about what is network marketing

Talking about what is network marketing

attended the network marketing institute training last year, completed 4 months of online marketing learning, stay in the Network Marketing Institute work. However, I still can not say what is the concept of network marketing. If you want me to me now, I really can not accurately express and let everyone listening! Do not know, do network marketing this line if there is a similar confusion, always enlighten others understand network marketing, you can still own some confusing. I personally think: network marketing should contain a lot of things, it is almost all network knowledge, scientific theory, network technology and planning and so on.

if I say, I just in accordance with the concept of network marketing college textbooks, I always feel that it is not comprehensive enough, not authoritative enough, not perfect. To this end, I consulted a lot of books and network reviews on Internet marketing, but I still can not get the answers I want, and I can not express myself. Perhaps, indeed, as some people say, online marketing, like many new disciplines, "network marketing" does not have a well recognized and well defined definition.

in general, usually to the Internet as the main media, and to achieve marketing objectives marketing activities can be called network marketing, that is to say, the network marketing throughout the enterprise to carry out the whole process of the online business, including information dissemination, information collection, to carry out online e-commerce transactions on the stage network marketing, has always been an important content.

on the network marketing awareness, research and understanding of employees or senior network marketing some of the Internet Network Marketing often focuses on some different aspects: some emphasis on the network itself means; some focus on site promotion skills; others will be equivalent to the online direct marketing network marketing; there are a number of online sales e-commerce is emerging in the domain of network marketing……

about some monographs published some articles published in newspapers and media, I personally think that no matter what the experts, which institutions, which related websites, the existing viewpoints, has not formed a complete system. Faced with a large amount of Internet information, what many people see and understand may be only the tip of the iceberg.

wants to understand the whole concept of network marketing, network marketing is necessary for a consistent definition now network demand, based on the network, depending on the network media, grasp the Internet population characteristics, and the psychological needs of users, through the use of network related technology and marketing, to achieve the ultimate purpose of marketing marketing


, according to the above definition, can be reached with the current popularity of the Internet in line with the understanding:

first, online marketing is not online sales,

online marketing is the result of the development of network marketing to a certain stage. Network marketing is a basic activity for the purpose of online marketing, but network marketing itself is not equal to

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