More women more prone to breast disease that rich emotional stability to proper diet female he

More women more prone to breast disease that rich emotional stability to proper diet female he

he further explained that the reason for this is because people in the process of creating wealth over spending their health. Long time, eating habits, work values shift high mental strength and unreasonable, is the result of endocrine system disorders.

find that he is not got breast fibroadenoma? Ye Changsheng introduction, breast fibroadenoma external performance is the most important breast lumps, and this often occurs independently of breast masses. The size of the shape is round or oval, touch texture is relatively hard, smooth surface and clear boundary, the most important is that there is no pain. It is understood that the breast fibroadenoma usually grow slowly and not festering.

– experts in clinical discovery: the more rich, more likely to get breast fibroadenoma, suspected these women in the process of wealth creation in overdraft health

How does

– breast fibroadenoma is a common breast benign tumor, most likely to attack 20-25 years old young girl

"arch-criminal lead to breast fibroadenoma is estrogen, be sure to say, if there is no breast fibroadenoma, estrogen, estrogen is also rising, the incidence of breast fibroma rate continued to rise." Professor Ye Changsheng said.

fibroadenoma of breast cancer? This is a lot of women suffering from the disease are very concerned about the problem. Professor Ye Changsheng stressed, fibroadenoma of breast and breast.

of breast fibroadenoma is a common benign tumor of breast, breast benign tumor incidence accounted for 75%. With the age of breast cancer patients with different levels of breast fibroadenoma patients is 20 to 25 year old youth, such as the bright summer life of women. Breast center of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University director Ye Changsheng said, a phenomenon found in his reception: the more wealthy women more easily with breast fibroadenoma "bonds", which may be related to this part of the women in the pursuit of wealth in the process of overdraft health.

medical director / Director of the center for breast cancer, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University professor Ye Changsheng

in breast tumor fiber patients, Professor Ye find such an interesting phenomenon: the more wealthy people, the more likely to get breast fibroadenoma.

experts remind, although breast fibroadenomas are benign tumors, a low rate of deterioration, but if the tumor is over 1.5 cm, or should choose personalized means to be removed.


rich, more susceptible to breast fibroadenoma

The phenomenon of With the aggravation of environmental pollution, the increase of anti season food, the increase of estrogen in meat food and the continuous high pressure of life and work, most of the female hormones in the city of are in a state of unstable regulation. This period is very prone to endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders and once, estrogen increased, breast fibroadenoma is unexpected.

analysis of canceration probability is very low, do not worry too much

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