YY crashed 100 free mode in Education Education why difficult

YY crashed 100 free mode in Education Education why difficult

[Abstract] of 100 education, more can not be optimistic about the Internet industry investment and financing of the heat is cooling, after a long period of hot capital, industry usher in a reshuffle in the second half of the year, the tide receded more strength test.


against the subversion of traditional education industry and New Oriental aura, together can be described as the beginning of education on line 100 times YY under the platform more Lei Jun and Li Xueling great in strength and impetus, but for the past year and a half, 100 education is gradually known, if not a sudden burst of executives dismissed news, even there has been little attention.

100 education "subversion of New Oriental" slogan, once pushed the domestic education industry online craze. Allegedly, in 2014 the number of domestic online education investment and financing more than 4 billion 400 million yuan. But until now, the online education industry also did not appear to be called a successful "unicorn" enterprise, unyielding Gong Haiyan (micro-blog) has three business is defeated, and vigorously promote the free mode used in the Internet industry, also failed to help the 100 education truly open online education industry market.


YY announced in May this year, a quarter, 100 quarter revenue 22 million 600 thousand yuan of education, education, integration of the 100 global e-campus Zheng Renqiang team, as well as the original YY education channel business, business overlay does not bring revenue to about 20000000 quarter revenue superposition, of which the original global e-campus a quarter revenue scale. This revenue has been referred to as "disappointing."".

Zheng Renqiang

a week ago, 100 Education announced on the official micro-blog, exempt Zheng Renqiang 100 vice president of Education Division and general manager of the 100 study department. The appointment and removal of some news suddenly, from December last year, 100 high-profile acquisition of education Zheng Renqiang team, and now, the two marriage, but 8 months.

"there was no communication before, and the news came as a surprise."." In this regard, Zheng Renqiang in an interview with Tencent science and technology, said he was also very surprised, "I Friday (August 21st) was mail notification, Monday (August 23rd) to the company procedures, the evening saw the micro-blog."."

Zheng Renqiang is well-known domestic IELTS training teacher, worked in the New Oriental and Global IELTS, due to various reasons as opposed to the New Oriental and Yu Minhong (micro-blog) the daring vanguard, then start the formation of teachers team.

dismissed a performance of Zheng Renqiang may only be 100 education development dilemma, science and technology Tencent was informed that out together with Zheng Renqiang and the 100 international business, the business has been 100 education give up, team was disbanded.


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