Personal webmaster should have six abilities

Personal webmaster should have six abilities

today’s Internet has been upgraded from the era of "consumer attention" to today’s "pay attention to the consumer" era. The new market competition environment, requires us these grassroots webmaster must keep pace with the times, with the potential to enter, and the city will enter, from the past purely PR type to "want to hear, write, preach, do", all-round development. How does a webmaster develop his six abilities "to hear, write, preach, do"?


1, "think", that is, the webmaster should have certain planning ability.

most of the webmaster is a person in the work. These all work, including market research, marketing planning, customer development, customer management, complaint handling and other basic work, to the webmaster Pro force. To do this, make sure the site can be sustained and healthy development, first of all, the stationmaster must have an overall planning of the market to the concerns of the industry, including the stage goal, sales network layout, how to choose what kind of promotion methods, with a combination of marketing plan what kind of cut, take what kind of promotion so to keep your visitors; secondly, in the process of webmaster promotion and management operation, often encounter a lot of problems, such as the space velocity is not good enough, the price is too high, demand for lower prices, better service requirements, control system development, such as the loss of membership, the webmaster to deal with these problems, must use some strategies however, these strategies, you need to master plan meticulously; thirdly, webmaster should also serve as member adviser and helper, proposed membership in the development process of the problem And suggestions, etc.. Only the webmaster is a master plan, make it possible for the website grow faster and more steadily; only help members, in order to win the trust and recognition of members, to fully utilize and exert the function of communication member, give the site a good reputation. Ensure site health and stability.

2, "listen", that is, the webmaster should have the ability to listen.

in the development process of website members, many owners are willing to listen to whatever membership, jiliguala: said his website function is how good, how their website function is complete, your team or company is how how good, how much can bring generous benefits to members. May wish to take note of this way, to promote the website webmaster, most are nothing. In fact, listening is more important than speaking, whether it’s the station owner or the customer complaints. Why? One is listening can help you understand each other’s personality, hobbies and interests; the two is to enable you to understand each other what is going on, the other is the real intention is to listen to what; three can make the other person feel you respect him very much, he let go of his thoughts, the burden and concerns; four when the members of the website or the management team have a lot of complaints, listen to each other can make vent, eliminate each other’s anger; the five is to listen to can make you have plenty of time to think about how to reply. How do you listen? First, remove the disturbance and concentrate on listening to the members or management team in an open and active manner; two, listen to all of them

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