The webmaster should select Drupal as one of the alternatives when selecting CMS

The webmaster should select Drupal as one of the alternatives when selecting CMS

Drupal is currently in the country is still bland, nothing much popularity, many novice webmaster Muming, but in Drupal the seemingly high technical threshold before backing out. There are a lot of misconceptions about Drupal here,.

, the first Drupal is just for those tech masters. The initial Drupal master really need to spend some time, but as long as through this stage, the back will be more and more appreciate Drupal strong flexibility, the building block is the most appropriate to describe Drupal, Drupal do stand as building blocks. Moreover, these building blocks (Drupal blocks) are all free, this a and Joomla are very different. At present, with the establishment of the Drupal in addition to a programmer, a lawyer, teacher. The technical aides of Obama, the new president, have chosen Drupal to build an American economic recovery website.

second Drupal cannot support large-scale access. Drupal community is set up with Drupal, the traffic and activity is amazing, I think, unless it is several major domestic portals, the general site is not to worry Drupal can not support, the efficiency of said Drupal, there is the optimization of the space, depending on the owners of the technical ability.

third Drupal is not good enough for localization. The background of the Chinese Drupal incomplete does lead to many outsourcing developers to choose Drupal, because the customer acceptance of all Chinese background, but abandoned this part of enterprise business site, most personal site is more suitable for the selection of Drupal, English term small webmaster need a familiar and understanding of the process of.


fourth Drupal community is inactive. The Drupal community really are not loud enough, but for many webmaster in the selection of CMS and Drupal are not as one of several options. But foreign is another scene, Drupal beat CMS Joomla won in competitions in the first comprehensive assessment, the Drupal community is also due to the standardization of operation has achieved great development.

with the domestic personal website do station mentality changes, necessarily request personal site has more unique features and better scalability, Drupal become a choice that can not be ignored!

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