There are 100 million users of navigation dogs after the failure of the founder’s reflection and cou

There are 100 million users of navigation dogs after the failure of the founder’s reflection and cou

in 2003, the money into the Ericsson 12 years to write code to earn back $1 million, returned home to build navigation dogs. Navigation dog users once billions of dollars, has occupied the mobile map navigation market nearly 60% market share, the company valuation of up to 350 million yuan. The BAT map navigation as a a hotly contested spot, navigation dog became the eyes of the meat and potatoes, offer continuously, but money refused the opportunity for the realization, finally being played back without the power giant. Navigation dog encounter Waterloo, money into two business, choose Goluk intelligent driving recorder, realized the change from product manager to CEO.

money into, dark horse growth camp four students, very road customer founder, former navigation dog founder

navigate dog peaks and troughs

, 2013 December 14th, is a lifetime for money. On that day, at the request of the money, the company held an emergency board for the navigation dog. Qian Qian hoped that the original shareholders can support him, and can continue to let the navigation dog live. It is a pity that none of the shareholders are willing to continue investing.

, who has been playing for 9 years in the mobile Internet, understands their decision very well. Indeed, empathy, if money is for them, frankly, may not have the courage to continue investing in navigational dogs, because at this point the navigation dog is completely out of the question.

navigation dog was founded in 2005, 2006 navigation dog on-line, Qian Jin’s eldest son was born, both almost front and rear feet. Money into the big son was born, money into every day, said navigation dog, for a long time, money into, as long as the son said navigation dog, son will say that is brother. In a sense, the navigation dog is money into the real "big son", in fact, its relationship is much closer than the pro son: you have achieved the enterprise, but also the achievement of their own, which is closely related. And son money into almost no time to get along with him and integration.

Qian Jin even once thought the company is closer than his son. But it is this mentality led to the merger he dished out the olive branch to navigation dog in giant, finally want to sell is indecisive when decision is needed, not sell ending.

money is a very proud man, he very early that mobile phone +LBS is standard on the mobile Internet, wanted to make navigation dog a great company, so the company was the most valuable, he refused all the "admirer", finally these giants in the opponent. He was forced into a corner.

in October 2006, after the completion of the $40 million financing of the German company, in 2007 had wanted to acquire the acquisition of navigation dogs, but was refused money.

in 2010, with High German map information provider NavInfo to dry after the listing, had 150 million yuan of investment valuation was doing B round of financing navigation dog. NavInfo boss with money, if >

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