Talk about film station, develop a film station station experience

Talk about film station, develop a film station station experience

movies. I like them very much. Every time I have a new film or a big piece of publicity, I watch the experience version or the first edition. Because the movie itself is a pastime, I do not pursue what effect, what shock pull?. Lead the daughter-in-law, children deepen, deepen feelings, to the cinema can be seen. It’s better to see it at home, to buy a good stereo, and to buy 40 thousand and 5 million videos, definitely better than a movie theater. On the Internet to see the film, the opening of my feelings about it first: watching movies need to download the plug-in I do not see, slow, not smooth, I do not see, the charges do not see, too many stations do not look at advertising. These are my four basic principles. I believe everyone feels the same way,


since they so love the movie, why not build a movie station, and friends also gave me a drum gas, a movie station, for you and me! Can not say future bigger and earn extra money! Oh, they say, aimed at I am wealthy, I pay me later! Think that a movie station is not because it is their love!! because before the movie stereotypes, so I must build a does not need to download the plug-in, smooth, free, good website advertising less! I really began my hard road of the site.

a good website must have a good name, to be loud. To climb relatives with the war. I think, think for a few days, I called the music I like, also belong to the lucky Amoy to the four domain name, I am happy I do what I like, I like music station, the movie is more appropriate. Oh, Com’s international domain name! Here, it is necessary to remind you, as far as possible to choose COM domain name! CN domain name bigger, Baidu only recognize you, small station, Baidu do not like you. You are expected to thank the flowers, and Baidu will not be income. Mix in China, still have to take Baidu seriously. After all, we have to rely on small Adsense Baidu meal. Unless you have a very large group of people. Another point, must remember, with the war climbing relatives, 56 is not very good, my name is 565c, I’m happy, I also like. Ha-ha。 Here, I have shared with you the experience of "using good title to detonate your web site", you can search in Baidu or Google, many stations have earned. I won’t go into details here.


name, the next step of the selection procedure, set up their own film castle! As previously mentioned, how to build a smooth, free, small ads, no plug-ins website? There is no such program? I kept asking, I kept searching. With Adsense exchange, in the online search, he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person is Marx. Marx ultimately chose the program. The Marx program not only supports the thunder P2P, BOBOP2P, QVOD, NEO and P2P data format, or a resource aggregation program, you can easily aggregate other stations show share, so that owners can share a distinctive polymerization easily content to the user. Marx was just right for my needs. Go to the forums every day looking for something new, >

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