Breast hyperplasia can rubbing Tanzhong health network

Breast hyperplasia can rubbing Tanzhong health network

Tanzhong located in the chest, the middle line flat at the mid point of the fourth intercostal space, two nipple connection. Tanzhongxue main treatment range can be summarized into two aspects, the related disease of heart and lung diseases and breast system. Because it belongs to Ren, near the breast, is the prevention and treatment of breast diseases system will be used acupoints; so as "one of the important points of gynecological". In addition, modern methods of body surface infrared radiation spectrum scanning using, confirmed in patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands, Tanzhong than elsewhere in the infrared radiation intensity decreased, suggesting that Tanzhong point is special disease reaction of the disease of mammary gland hyperplasia.

system part in lactation, such as mastitis, postpartum hypogalactia; part in before and after menstruation, such as breast distending pain; the most common is breast hyperplasia and breast cancer. Here to remind female friends found uncomfortable or abnormal situation, we must go to the hospital to check the diagnosis, so as not to delay the disease. In the daily health care, self massage tanzhongxue is a simple and easy method, ideal effect. Specific methods are rubbing method and the push method, it refers to the use of finger rubbing, each about 2 minutes; refers to the use of push hands thumb abdominal self tanzhongxue along the midline from the bottom up, slowly and evenly, each about 2 minutes.

The related disease of female breast

Ren not can be manifested as irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and infertility, abnormal vaginal discharge, abdominal distension and pain; Ren deficiency can be manifested as fetal irritability, or abortion, menstrual delay or amenorrhea, or menorrhagia or etc.. The daily health care of women, Ren conditioning is essential, and it is the first tanzhongxue.

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