Women’s health management of five points chest health net

Women’s health management of five points chest health net

1, don’t drink


points three: work, from time to time to stand up and walk

Arizona State University study found that if women are engaged in physical education teachers have a certain amount of work, the risk of breast cancer than those who are engaged in office work of sedentary women 50%. This is because exercise can reduce weight and fat, the body’s estrogen levels will be reduced.

whether it is ACUP or DCUP, breasts for every woman is the same important. Because she is a symbol of women’s femininity, but also a sign of unconditional love of motherhood. Breast is so important to us, of course, we must maintain her health. Only care for it, to meet its appropriate hormonal needs, is a healthy chest management.

happy moments, stroking the breast can get more pleasure, but do not take this up to the rough grip. It will bring too much stimulation to the breast, resulting in increased secretion of estrogen, hidden dangers.

is the most critical of all diet related measures to prevent breast disease. Alcohol can increase the level of estrogen in the body, and high levels of estrogen can cause breast lumps.

five points: prevention, the use of new weapons

1, do professional check

points two: diet, control hormone levels


, for example, eat whole wheat bread, carrots, pumpkin, a variety of fibers are also helpful for excessive estrogen excreted in vitro, thereby preventing hormone stimulation of breast tissue, and cause discomfort.

2, eat low-fat foods

U. S. study on 5000 women wearing a bra habit and breast cancer, more than 12 hours every day wearing a bra than women in short time or not wearing a bra for women, the possibility of breast cancer 21 times higher.

In Japan, where

3, eat at least 30 grams of fiber per day

points 1: wear, to the breast relaxation

recommends that women 35 years of age (high-risk women at the age of 30 years), every 18 months to do a professional breast examination. Including specialist ultrasonic inspection, palpation, breast mammography photography.

according to the analysis, because the card tight bra bra carcinogenic, chest, affect the normal circulation of partial breast lymph, not timely remove harmful substances in the body, in the course of time will make normal cells become cancerous there.

is the staple food of low fat foods (rice and fish), the proportion of women with breast cancer is only 10–15%. High fat foods, on the one hand, block the production of estrogen, which can promote the growth of bacteria in the body and increase the level of estrogen in the body.

points four: passion, do not forget the breasts need gentle

A survey conducted between

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