The adult female breast suddenly became big is not a good thing to alert breast cancer health ne

The adult female breast suddenly became big is not a good thing to alert breast cancer health ne

incidence of breast cancer increased with age, especially at risk of under 35 years of age were higher than thosewithout family history. In addition, the family of women with breast cancer in the first straight family history of breast cancer risk is 2~3 times the normal population.

needs to be emphasized is that the direct genetic breast cancer is not a disease, but a "cancer genetic quality", relatives of breast cancer patients is not necessarily the risk of breast cancer, the possibility of breast cancer is larger than the average person. These high-risk groups need to be alert to common risk signals for breast cancer:

1 found no painful, red nodules or masses in the breast.

2, the nipple or areola nipple elevation ulcer site.

3 nipple recurring nipple discharge, the nipple discharge refers to the lactation period, the natural phenomenon of liquid overflow nipple.

4 axillary mass, especially one side axillary lymph node enlargement.

women over the age of 5.30 years of rapid enlargement of the breast, accompanied by skin redness and swelling.

women over 35 years of age, it is recommended to breast B ultrasound a year, while the proposed addition of molybdenum palladium X project, the diagnostic rate of up to 90%.

with high resolution ultrasound is widely used for breast examination, found more and more breast minute mass of nonpalpable, qualitative diagnosis of breast minute mass and resection has become a new problem in breast surgery. Open surgery is a commonly used method for breast biopsy of previous clinical nonpalpable, however the surgical results of 90% benign lesions, and can not guarantee the positioning resected successfully open surgery resection and operation injury, larger surgical scars affect the cosmetic effect and other shortcomings, bring great harm to the physical and mental patients. Nonpalpable breast benign tumor micro minimally invasive resection can avoid malignant tumor, reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

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