The female sun chest to prevent breast cancer ‘s health network

The female sun chest to prevent breast cancer ‘s health network

Chinese Yang of the body as the nature of the sun, the so-called "days for Dabao sun, people Dabao, this information in Yuanyang". That is to say, all things grow by the sun, the body by Yang growth. The so-called Yang, is the energy function, the human body, any organ function is normal, to have enough energy under the premise. Heat preservation, basking in the sun, is to preserve and supplement energy, that is, to ensure the function.

"Babies born with a weight of less than 3000 grams are more likely to develop breast cancer," according to a follow-up study at the University of Bonn’s Institute of child nutrition in." Low birth weight children are congenitally deficient problem, and one of the causes of deficiency of Yang in TCM is congenitally deficient, often in Yang deficiency such people as adults, especially women.

has a year of cancer day, a cancer expert in the face of reporters how to prevent breast cancer, the question answered: young women, we must be more sun, more in the sun under the chest expansion." In fact, this is a western medicine specialist, but his proposal was the idea of Chinese medicine and supplement Yang agree without prior without previous consultation.

sun in Chinese medicine is of chest Yang, Yang is exciting, in western medicine is direct energy, and this supplement and more exciting in the industrialized society more precious, because we have little to see daylight time outdoors, often from home in the morning to go right to the subway, then in the office all day, and almost all the work is at a state of busy time, even have no chance to stretch, to go home again into the subway, The sun sinks in the west., most is to go a few steps, chest is no chance…… Compared with our face loess back into the air, work every day. This work, less labor, more life, with high incidence of breast cancer, in which the amount of exercise, and the energy functions are not enough accumulation of training opportunities, without contact or less sun exposure is the leading cause of breast cancer such a disease of civilization big reason.

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