Entrepreneurs – won ten million angel investment service providers

Entrepreneurs – won ten million angel investment service providers

[Abstract] since the beginning of the]2010, more than 200 members of the Antarctic circle have been established to invest early in the early years.


Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) August 27th news, Internet entrepreneurs to provide support services to the Antarctic Circle today announced the acquisition of ten million yuan Angel round investment. Investment in this round of investment led by the Tencent, the state capital and capital investment. It is understood that the current round of investment will be used for recruitment and daily operations of the Antarctic circle.

according to reports, the Antarctic Circle is located in the Chinese Internet elite entrepreneurial service providers, established in July 2014, headquartered in Guangdong, Shenzhen. The main content of financing entrepreneurs, business training, brand communication, personnel selection, business communication, office space and other needs; classroom, road shows, has a very extreme record three business activities under the line brand, and recruitment, the space, the Antarctic Circle WeChat since the three soft media service.

as the only official recognition of Tencent’s leaving staff organization, the Antarctic Circle originated in February 2010 by the Tencent veteran senior staff together founded the eternal family QQ group. It is reported that since 2010, more than 200 members of the establishment of the Antarctic Circle of start-ups to get an early investment, or into the next round of financing.

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