Tencent turnover product manager entrepreneurial story from thinking not sure to stick BAT

Tencent turnover product manager entrepreneurial story from thinking not sure to stick BAT

Abstract: in May 2011, after 6 years as a product manager, I left the company to start a business, which is now the first of its kind in the past fourth years. In, I have experienced the stages of failure, confusion and rebirth.

today’s share from the magistrate’s founder & CEO; Zhang Jifeng, he tells you he is their own business failure, confusion and rebirth of the story. Entrepreneurship is never a shortcut, the sour lengnuanzizhi. Fortunately, a person’s success is not single but repeated or repeated play. The following is the text, Enjoy:

recently met Jingwei Zhang Ying, Zhang Ying said the magistrate’s story very inspirational, can write. Previously we have been buried to do their own thing, did not think that our experience is a inspirational story. If we have to be able to help or warning to other entrepreneurs, is a particularly good thing, put our story and share with you.

in May 2011, I made 6 years after the Tencent product manager to leave the business, so far is the first of its kind in the past fourth years, has experienced failure, confusion and rebirth of the three stages.


always thought the next release would be great, but not

you see this title already know our initial project outcome, but our story is not to "fail" at the beginning, in fact we start out with the help of the unusual in transit smoothly. In 2011 I decided from the Tencent out, and the East and latitude Harry hit it off, I did not see other VC, from first contact to determine only about two weeks, so I started a business story.

is the time and trust, then let the project quickly do not go to give me a lot of pressure, of course, this is my unilateral, if you do not feel good, feel to live up to such a trust. But this is something back.

build team, find office, registered company, development iteration, product release…… This series of things are in a tense and excited state, although difficult, but it does not matter, I think entrepreneurship, it is like this.

until a few months after the product line, while the online only a few dozen poor people, people began to calm down, it turned out to be completely different from the imagination, ah, continue to adjust, iteration, release…… Second iterations, the third iteration, the tenth iteration, the twentieth iteration…… We always think that the next version will be great, but the outbreak is not expected to come. In the end the on-line technology media bursts have reported on the blowout or iteration, finally broke the story in the end is not really, or another thing in the world?

after 2 years of unremitting efforts, by the time of 2013, snail TV day active about 200 thousand, during this period, the video field

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