Community tofu fag hag YY men love emotion by Xue Manzi led 4 million

Community tofu fag hag YY men love emotion by Xue Manzi led 4 million

Abstract: "tofu" founder Wang Jiabin said, "the female community with shopping natural attributes, such as customized T-shirts, pillow etc.. In addition, "tofu" on the quality of work is also very suitable for the development of derivative products, which can contribute to the original, can also make the tofu industry chain cut deeply."


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today, "tofu" founder Wang Jiabin to pencil revealed that in April this year, 4 million yuan angel investment get Xue Manzi collar vote.

the past two years, Wang Jiabin’s business always cannot do without "Indoorsman" and "fag hag" (YY love men love girls). Last year before the end of September, he is the founder of "Bunker", which both Indoorsman and fag hag. After September, he is the founder of "tofu", this is a real fag hag community. The two section experienced a steep turn of 180 degrees.

"Indoorsman" easy to fix, but the operation is painful. In order to retain them, the king every day to upload beautiful pictures (like) to maintain. These are not for the love of the fag hag. There is no intersection between the two, and sometimes quarrel every day.

"Bunker" soon on the decline. At this time, the king made a pure fag hag community – "tofu". Wang did not expect, tofu on the first day of the line, that is, the harvest of nearly 40 thousand users. Fag hag in the content of the creativity, let the king feel to dig gold.

10 months in the past, tofu user growth is very fast, the total number of users is currently 1 million 400 thousand, daily live users stable at around 100 thousand.

Wang know enough Indoorsman, not made, nothing but made, fag hag, this is the story of how an


note: Wang Jiabin has confirmed that the data in the text is true, pencil road is willing to work with him for the authenticity of the contents of the endorsement.

abandoned house from rot


tofu, Wang Jiabin in the "house rot family cognition, to do a house rot community — Application of" Bunker ", which has Indoorsman, also have a fag hag.

done for six months, he felt more and more tired: natural growth of less than 1000 of the daily users, UGC (user original content) lack of vitality, how is it?

he found that "Bunker" 90% users were all Indoorsman occupied. They are not loyal to the community, they do not want to produce content, just want to see some lace content." In order to retain them, the king must upload beautiful pictures every day (like) hard to maintain, he felt tired.

on the other hand, another batch of "fag hag" in succession from the bunker left. "Indoorsman" and "fag hag" completely different points of interest, no chemical reaction occurred between the two: not only the interaction, sometimes quarrel."


was tired and upset: "Bunker" users is not too complex? The other is not to make a product, the Indoorsman fag hag separate spin off? "

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