Put aside the shadow of the community to solve the question of knowledge to complete the D round of

Put aside the shadow of the community to solve the question of knowledge to complete the D round of

China Internet Unicorn company added a list of.

today announced the known knowledge platform has been successfully completed D $100 million round of financing, the investor is today the capital, the original board of shareholders include Tencent, Sogou, Saif, Qiming, innovation works, all with the vote. According to Innovation workshop Li Kaifu (micro-blog) revealed that after the completion of the round of financing is estimated to exceed $1 billion valuation.

today’s capital founder and President Xu Xin shared the process to make investment decisions in the know: "when he (Zhou Yuan) is also considering what financial advisers to help finance it, I have put term sheet into his hand. We make such a decision, because the source has been recognized for a year, the last round, although missed, but we have been concerned about the growth of almost know. Our capital today is 28 years evergreen fund company, we have the patience to wait for."

After the completion of the financing of

, the most important work in 2017 is to build a large knowledge platform for a wide range of knowledge consumers and institutional partners.

"on the basis of known not only to provide the best experience for discussion, knowledge of the emerging middle class; provide the tools and the stage for knowledge workers, help them to gain respect and recognition; but also for consumers to build a good enough knowledge of consumer network, make valuable knowledge can be realized." Know almost CEO weeks source said.

extended product dimension from knowledge community to knowledge platform

was established in 2011, the development of knowledge is constantly expanding their product dimensions. Especially in the past year, know almost every action is particularly eye-catching. The company is also expanding the knowledge connection from different dimensions, showing the trend of the platform.

value almost know almost Live, column appreciation, payment authorization, native advertising, institutional accounts and other products to launch the record of the process of knowing almost iterative. From the product point of view, on the one hand is the introduction of the topic index, known as bookstores and other structured content products to meet the needs of users from 0 to 1 to understand a particular field.

on the other hand, known by the introduction of the "knowledge market" service in mobile scenarios to further enhance the efficiency of the discussion, not only to promote the knowledge production has not yet produced, but also to meet the people to obtain the personalized knowledge service needs, to help users connect to the daily life circle cannot connect to the people, to create a direct gain possibilities for knowledge workers.

referred to above, the knowledge of the link is reflected in the agency account almost know last year launched. For almost know itself, this move is also a positive change.

source said Zhou, known almost took a lot of time to study and understand the needs of users, to think in the real society, an organization and a group of users, in the end is how to interact, what is the appeal, what is there may be obstacles, through product improvement, improve the communication between the two sides of the experience? These workers >

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