The network education to build a Taobao type platform

The network education to build a Taobao type platform

Tang Wenzhi

in September last year, where the network vice president Dai Zheng quietly leave, where did he go?

at the beginning of this year, the problem, because of the new identity of Dai Zheng appeared in the entrepreneurial talent show and get the answer.

The new

CEO education group, this is Dai Zhengxin name card of the position. The education network, this is where the network after wearing masatsugu entrepreneurial projects and products. From travel to study abroad education, the two did not see the relevant industry, but was wearing the same business logic to find the government.

"what we do and what we are doing is where to go in the education field and Taobao." Dai Zheng on the first financial daily said.

O2O education and training platform

noun explanation: O2O (Online To Offline), the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions.

education search engine, O2O, online platform…… Different from the traditional foreign training institutions, the Internet has strong color vocabulary and winning network business model closely connected.

Where to leave after

, the new education center service administration and the company put China CEO que Dengfeng education co founded, there is no physical stores, "similar to the where and Ctrip mode, users log on to our website, on the website of the right to choose their own products, purchase orders, and then enjoy the service."

Provides a set of potential evaluation system for

to students and parents as the main users of the winning network, through the recommendation system, users can be matched to the appropriate level of teachers and their corresponding training program in Library website. Online browsing users in the selection, the next single and converted into the next line of users, after the commissioning of the Commission has become the final form of the realization of the flow of traffic.

and the tourist industry is different, the natural resource provider of travel agency, airline ticket agent, this is the industry, and for overseas training institutions, have small and medium-sized institutions similar to the formation of the platform for resource grabbing,


"according to rough statistics, at present all kinds of education and training institutions, the company more than tens of thousands, they used their own, a lack of accumulation platform, we build a platform, naturally there will be many agents willing and eager to get in here machine." As for the profit model, Dai said, we are not relying on the user to click on the user to collect the flow of agents fees, but directly with the agency contract, and then do the sales."

obviously, in the eyes of Dai Zheng, the current domestic education industry is tantamount to seven or eight years ago in the tourism market, small and medium-sized institutions of high quality and is not well-known corresponds to the potential, has certain consumption ability and needs of the crowd. "Subject to capital and size constraints, good educational resources"

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