ntroduction to the single page money

ntroduction to the single page money

single page: make money through a simple HTML page (a page even), to intercept (especially long tail keywords) search traffic (Baidu / Google), sales of products, such as ggadsense model to make money.

to share a few single page:

1, http://s.nianlove.com intercepted weight loss, do Taobao guest

2, http://s.urumqi-aptech.com.cn/ intercepted red blood flow + blog, do Taobao guest

3, http://s.healthangels.cn/ intercepted "dwelling theme song" keyword traffic, do English Google adsense

4, http://s.mslemon.cn/ intercepted lemon role keyword traffic, do expensive google-adsense

below to talk about a single page to cable:

1, make money mode: must choose the highest profit model. Chinese guest station now, English station ggadsense and multi product alliance.

2, the choice of keywords: long tail high flow hot words as keywords. Baidu’s daily search requirement is better than 2000, Google trend of more than 200. Tools URL: http://s.index.baidu.com http://s.google.com/trends

3, domain name: do not care about the length of the general to include promotion keywords.

4, a single page is simple enough, not simple: make full use of H1, H2, H3 and DIV to organize text. Don’t form, don’t flash and everything that makes the search difficult to read.

5, the requirements continue to do the link or update the chain blog content

how to make a profitable single page?

basically, as long as you have enough ideas, hard work, will be simple html. Success is not difficult.

why not? As long as you copy, you can do a single page to make money.

A. you open the above URL, save as.Html format. Then use Dreamweaver or other web page editing software, the web page of the text, into your content can be. (Note: if you have a blog, you need to build a new one)

B. at the bottom of the page to open a link area, and others often exchange links

C. or build a blog in this domain. Daily updated blog, and in the bottom of the page, replacing the recent blog post title, and point to the relevant address sharing website 2


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