Paradox of online advertising alliance

Paradox of online advertising alliance

in the development of Internet advertising China obviously very rapidly, we all want to get a share, advertising alliance fell and the.

What is the

advertising alliance? It is the intermediary, intermediary between the advertisers and web sites, advertisers need to pay their own propaganda, websites need to use website advertising a profitable advertising alliance in the front line bypass. Why the need for intermediary, direct contact between the advertisers and the website is not it? If only the big advertisers and web sites, so maybe it is simple, but the rapid development of small and medium-sized website brought the Internet advertising boom, Internet advertising has straight line does not pass, the need to have a platform to facilitate the advertising / advertising, advertising alliance to meet the needs of. Here I did not mention the effect of the monitoring function to provide advertising, for the reasons behind.

things are always the development of twists and turns, when the advertising alliance (especially foreign) led thousands of owners to the day to earn × × bright, and now advertising alliance bottlenecks encountered. Because of competition, because of the market environment, advertising alliance encountered the biggest challenge: on the one hand advertisers want to make the best effect with the lowest price, but the network advertisement market is full of cheating, mutually alliance, human spider alliance, better are small integral website, want to spend less and the effect is really good even so, advertisers scolded: Alliance, how do you know that I know the webmaster cheating, webmasters, pick the more you earn more, you are the same, no way, I can only deduct the amount, not to pay. In order to continue to live advertisers, the alliance said: you buckle it, but to continue to do it, give me the money to take ah. On the other hand, the webmaster hard on a month to see the digital advertising, every day go up, until finally the lowest line of money, the second day and return to 0, then scolded: you this alliance, as cruel as a wolf thing, how do you know our webmaster and buckle together advertisers, how do I eat next month ah, we all do not live, we’ll give you ddos. Then the alliance is afraid: Well, I’ll give you some amount of it, do not attack my site ah. I made a stand, put a bit of beautiful pictures, the result is k, but I still want to put, beautiful looking comfortable ah. Advertising alliance did not prove any reason party right, the reason is very simple, they do not have this capability, they do not know is not cheating, is not the amount deducted, so I had to be very passive, in addition to their own short-term interests, not the principle.

in another way, if you do not cheat owners, advertisers do not deduct the amount, advertising alliance first-class technology, should be all the statistics to the statistical data, then the market is going to look like? Look at the real estate market, do well the real estate intermediary, provide tracking services, the seller in order to sell as soon as possible, with each the house is good, the price is low is low, buyers to early buy everything in the house, is also very complex, as long as the house is good, the procedure is complete, the price is a little high also never mind, so very good.

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