How to engage in Wangzhuan industry network money wise remark of an experienced person

How to engage in Wangzhuan industry network money wise remark of an experienced person

do Wangzhuan have more than a year, the first is to do the foreign click Wangzhuan, remember to start up ten or twenty station, after the end of each day on some stations advertising point about a month, but have not received a paragraph, most sites have been closed down, some before don’t start point is closure of the station, but then I do not know. But occasionally a chance to see the two station is NeoBux and buxout of the two super cattle station in many Wangzhuan site in the recommendation, I started to focus on these two points, finally received the first NeoBux $2 payment, then began to click really sure abroad to make money, but also to upgrade the NeoBux behind buxout, and also requests once, second times to request when it is closed, a stick to four years of super cow so close to the station, now the only remaining super cattle station is only neobux.

later went on to do survey net money, money hook, but also foreign investigation, but it is a long time to charge a paragraph, some are not yet received, because the line is too small, it should be paid is too slow. Then, also do some code to make money, this is real in the labor, Duoganduode, do one day more than and 10 hours also earned only 10 pieces, behind I think this kind of pay is not equal to the full harvest, so give up.

time passed quickly, more than two months had passed, but did not earn some money, enough electricity, eventually a reason is actually no reason and no line, the line is not a web site, do not have their own website to harvest in Wangzhuan industry is difficult. From then on, I will register the domain name of, which is now the site, and bought a space of tens of dollars, the simple design of their own web upload. After the continuous modification has become the site now, of course, dozens of pieces of space is not enough, has been upgraded to more than one hundred yuan of space.

is now the station although fame is not good, it is a small station, but a month income is considerable, as a part-time income, how much! I do Wangzhuan above is more than a year to want to engage in the wise remark of an experienced person, Wangzhuan industry make novice friends a few suggestions if you start, Wangzhuan road.

1, do Wangzhuan don’t begin to earn what money can be said in front of three months is not to earn money, earn is very small. It is best to do Wangzhuan part-time, when the monthly income can be 3 thousand or 5 thousand full-time again.


began to do Wangzhuan, we must first establish a website of your own, the best is the top-level domain. Have a website, can have Everfount members in order to retain membership, in order to form a certain reputation, and ultimately to make money here, you may feel that you do not give up, in fact do not, network technology is often secondary, not design ", the"

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