Class nstagram camera application EyeEm find profit model

Class nstagram camera application EyeEm find profit model

was acquired by Facebook in April this year, on the occasion of the Instagram, we have asked such a question: App this business model can run independently? If the end result is not acquired by other platform companies, they can grow into a high profit, independent, long-term operation and successful commercial


industry for such a popular Instagram camera applications designed to pay within the software (In-App Purchase), subscriptions, advertising, cooperation with the brand business, data collection and other possible profit model. So far, Instagram has not made any profit, but EyeEm, a start-up based in Berlin, seems to have found a way to make money.

EyeEm is a similar Instagram camera sharing applications (support iOS, Android and Windows Phone), today announced that the application has been downloaded 1 million times, with an average growth rate of 30%. At the same time, it also Red Bull Lufthansa and the two big brands pulled into the camera task (photo missions) "– but it also means that the money has come.

The so-called "

camera task" is EyeEm by their own account "EyeEm Team" called for users to "go out" and take some photos with a specific topic (theme for every Monday), and add the corresponding labels for photos. For example, today’s photo task is KISSES – shooting and kissing photos, excellent works have the opportunity to publish on PROUD Magazine.

a problem: because of the intervention of the brand, the original pure community inevitably with more advertising taste, the user will buy it? The answer depends on how the final EyeEm operation level, advertising taste caused by excessive antipathy, finally only the user go, but if the operation is good then, this method has the potential to profit: brands need marketing, EyeEm can also borrow this activation community, while allowing users to bring more excellent works for the community.

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