Taobao guest novice some money

Taobao guest novice some money

novice to do Taobao, naturally there are many places do not understand, often strayed into the restricted area. In fact, Taobao is very simple, the key is to have the spirit of perseverance, otherwise any effort is wasted.

generally requires the first by a relatively good program, then do some publicity, after reaching a certain effect, to submit their own search engine in the address of the site included, slowly for a long time, flow naturally come. Do Taobao guest is very bitter very tired, just started making money is really not easy. So remember not to give up at such a difficult time.

to a higher weight, so I hope you often change Links links, do not too much, the key is to change the link quality is better, is the best person has been included, and included a normal good.


propaganda, try not to place such as QQ group publicity, because the local effect is very poor, very few people buy, but a long time will be pulled black, can try to some forums and blog posting propaganda, pay attention to publicity, do some popular key words, so you can get better Baidu included, in order to get a higher income.

a lot of cooperation, a lot of novice do not understand, so you can work with them, they buy a thing, you can give them a certain amount of money, who will not do that?

to do for a long time, the income will gradually improve, too many people do Taobao customers, so be sure to improve their technical content, often to A5 and other websites to learn guidance, is the best way.

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