My hard road to entrepreneurship

My hard road to entrepreneurship

a stand, a shop, perhaps will gradually grow into skyscrapers; 32 people, seven or eight guns, not necessarily great achievements albert……. Time is not waiting, the opportunity is always in action. In front of this passage is business from my notes, when I lost, when I want to abandon the city, I think about it! Is it inspired me to now have not abandoned my wish.

graduated from college, I went in with China have both ability and political integrity and even the world are very famous Foxconn technology group, it seemed at the time, have a stable task, a secure favorable treatment, all so smooth, I quickly established a foothold in Foxconn, but I was an unwilling and ordinary people, as long as I can remember I always have a wish: I have some day in the future, this has always been my childhood set policy. Because of this, I resigned, facing family despair, facing partner questions, I left Foxconn, then in a restaurant, when I think of the "hunger breeds discontentment", due to limited funds, I am looking for a partner in Beijing, maybe I am alone my ignorance, I do not inquire about the mall, cheated, even so, I still do not regret, I never regret I choose.

rest half a month, I entered the TCL task, a new environment, a better environment, the task can only continue for a month, because I still want to through my constant effort to accomplish my wish, I want to have my work, a relatively stable income, I want to have a healthy and happy life, so that I can have the ability to help others, slavishly dependent is not what I want.

so, I came to Chongqing, a completely strange environment, unaccompanied, even an acquaintance did not choose Chongqing, I think Chongqing is the municipality is young, with the development of the space, with the development of the time, but I need to inquire about the environment, I apply for a company to do the middle management, because I did for me and, on this side of the task, while about the environment, there are three months of time, I have resigned, I start a small business, all is not so smooth, together are not so satisfied, even so, I still insist on down in the family, wife, in, on their partner’s encouragement, I got through.

expects us a lot of support, I thank you, she is after me about Taobao and Alibaba, when just Ali 10 anniversary celebration of Chongqing Railway Station, I also have the honor to be invited to the scene, this time I have to Ali system about a deeper know, after the wife and negotiate I decided to officially stationed in Ali, and do the project through faith, is my wife to come out, I want to thank my wife, thank you for always care about me, inspired me.

Connaught River Scenic Area in Tongjiang County of Sichuan city of Bazhong

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