A little experience of a webmaster do Wangzhuan

A little experience of a webmaster do Wangzhuan

but for Wangzhuan in this industry, I have worked in more than half a year.

will be a little bit of my experience to do Wangzhuan novice to see, and they hope to help everyone. Click on the site for the following. However, it is best to start from the novice to start from scratch (


I do Wangzhuan time is not long, just half a year time, begin to do the domestic, domestic feeling more than a liar, even if it is really too small gains, so recently moved to foreign battlefield. Many people do not do abroad is the main language barrier, in fact, as long as you do, you will find foreign Wangzhuan practice roughly the same. No difference. So what I suggest novice started to do abroad, especially in the United States. After all, a lot of foreign Wangzhuan company is now very reputable.

I think do Wangzhuan must have the following points:


1 perseverance, the beginning of the 1-2 may be less income, and even do not see any money, but as long as you stick to it, there will be a return of.

2 and it is better to find a good Wangzhuan on-line, but also can be said to find a good team together. When I first started is to find their own Wangzhuan companies do, but later I discovered that in fact the talented group is the right choice, first of all, so your on-line will call you for a rebate, is equal to a copy of the extra revenue. Secondly, the cadre can as soon as possible to reveal the true face of a liar, you think you do hard to do for a few months, when to apply for payment, the website disappeared, or apply for payment, but others refused to pay. It is to gas hematemesis (I have met.) but if it is a team (about 50 words) of a few days can make on-line to terms of payment, so that you can identify the authenticity of the.

website as soon as possible

3 to earn more, the rebate is essential, another way is to pull off the assembly line, but the line is not good. There are a lot of rebate site, others it is certainly a rebate, certainly will not go in vain. So for those who do not have the energy to do the webmaster who want to have substantial income, is something I do site, the more than and 50 sites now, and my line is on my rebate, you can think of it, this number is very considerable. (in fact, the 50 sites will finish everyday 2-3 hours only).

4 don’t look down on every penny of the truth Many a little make a mickle. who all know, but really do not

5 a Maxthon browser and Firefox is essential. Click on the station, you can open more windows. It takes a lot of time to open the next cycle.

click on the site recently mushroomed, come out a lot. Don’t be blind. It is best that webmaster Wangzhuan forum recommend the project to do. So much, I am writing is rough, but also understand, please forgive me.

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