On 2011 hot Wangzhuan bidding

On 2011 hot Wangzhuan bidding

2011 Wangzhuan project subversion believe a single page bid is the most fire today, Qingdao Baidu promotion (www.bai0532du.com) to talk about the profits of bidding, bidding to make money the general theme.

I am 06 years contact network, now regret not on the famous university, but did not do the bidding, did not find the market, if started in 08 years. Believe that life will be better now. Two years ago, the auction closed eyes can make money, but now is not the same.

bidding money:

bid to promote the specific meaning of the Baidu encyclopedia, easy to understand is: through the mainstream search engine to locate the key words related to accurate customers to sell products, earn money!

a, bidding process:

1, select products. (see three)

2, the search engine promotion account (the current mainstream search is Baidu, Google, Sogou) market analysis: Baidu traffic alarming, burn the fastest, complex customer groups; Google group, some corresponding degree content advertising in the country’s most extensive coverage; quantity is the Sohu, Sogou Sogou input method, and the search engine more entrance with the. However, different products to make a different choice for the crowd is not the same as

3, copy mode. Have you not willing to advertising habits? If yes, please change your "bad habits" immediately, as people know how to use the analysis of profit model and advertising projects should Wangzhuan a network of people, do not make money? Why people are willing to spend money to do advertising. Obviously the truth, right.

4, test. The operation of different people why some money and some really burn? Pre must do market analysis and preliminary test (which involves the conversion of market demand, etc.)

5, expand the scope of more than a lot of investment. If the rate of return on investment in the 1 to 3, then you can scale operation, and earn $300 so that you can earn 30 thousand of 10 thousand ()

two, product selection:

Male, female products,

products, children’s educational diseases drugs, folk remedies, celebrity lectures and tutorial classes can be packaged into a good bidding single page. These products have been popular for several years, the core principles around:

1, men love beauty

2, women love beautiful

3, kids love smart

4, the elderly love health

basically the current competitive products are around the product operation.

three, note:

1, with a common heart to operate, to learn, to practice. There is no pie in the sky, there is no shortcut. You can only learn one step at a time

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