nternet Entrepreneurship Grassroots webmaster big dream of small space

nternet Entrepreneurship Grassroots webmaster big dream of small space

as a grassroots webmaster, the biggest wish is to hope that their website can become bigger and stronger, become a brand, become a name, this is our ideal, to become a business website. My own business.

why I would say the words above, why I specifically mentioned "this two word grassroots", maybe a lot of people like us is the grassroots, rural children, but they have their own dreams, their dreams never abandon, never chase, they also hope to use the Internet to change their destiny, to improve their lives and home life. Although the Internet entrepreneur has to end a world time, but not absolute, I think their persistent efforts will also usher in the spring grass.

I saw the spring grass, it really take root, and is moving towards grow into towering trees on the road……

"maybe it’s not a story, or a story". Really, I see the pursuit of power, perhaps I haven’t updated site articles, days is the mood more impetuous, do not know what the share, there is a reason that is of concern in a grassroots business via the Internet has become a peasant man in your own company.

as long as you have a dream, never give up the heart, that day will come true, no matter how the birth status, wealth, you know, hero mowen source.

to the hero, said today, perhaps he also like us ordinary people, was born in the countryside, no money, like many people, played work, doing grassroots webmaster, a person, a computer, to build their own website, but now he had to his company, his own house, and your car, all these changes are due to his hard work, struggle and dream supporting, I think his success is not accidental, but an inevitable. Execution and creativity so that I admire, why? We’ve said he was an ordinary worker, but unwilling to such a life, for their entrepreneurial dreams, he every day to do a website to find a way out of your own business, perhaps is such an execution don’t look, eyes, sounds very simple, but the hardships and sweat and a few people know? How many people can this hold? With no income for a long time the site frequently frustrated situation, you still adhere to the original dream of their own will? Believe it will succeed retreat?? but he is facing such a problem but without a stick.

persistence and hard work, is the best interpretation of success

hero of the most successful websites is a local forum, the forum was established in June 07 years, the forum this year has been 5 years now, the scale is very large, while I was talking to the forum in 09 years when it has changed, "

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