The T road of all round talents and professional talents

The T road of all round talents and professional talents

said all-around talent in the IT industry is a representative of the name called "webmaster" webmaster once is the title of IT entrepreneurs, they are often alone, they are almost a person what will, programming, design, site planning, copywriting, editing, promotion is a person to do, they the ability to really make a lot of people in the industry as the acme of perfection, is this group of people brought up a wave of entrepreneurship network. Full time professionals are the only ones who have the same skills, and they soon become experts and professionals in the field. The Liu Zijun to talk about the full range of talent and full-time professionals in the field of IT industry and entrepreneurship on some of the contrast, but also to be ready to enter the workplace, some of the recommendations of friends.

in the field of contrast

to talk about the all-around talent, this talent is usually what will be, but what skills are generally, they are usually love learning, love exposure to many different people, this is a small enterprise favorite, the ability of small businesses to see some aspect of your identity is not how strong, but also to see you how many things, the more will, he left more manpower and cost. So for small businesses, versatile talent is a popular product, and now some of the recruitment information directly above the trick to do more than 3 years of experience to recruit people.

I have a friend two times are in small business, his position is in charge of marketing, there are a few people to him with his boss, but you should feel in charge of what will be, the most interesting is the marketing director before they please will repair the telephone line and the cash register, when my friend took over he will not, the boss is very angry, think this is not a qualified marketing director, what is the relationship between marketing and telephone and cash register? And they have no concept of the network administrator of this position, think out of the Internet, regardless of programming, design and marketing of all things on the network will be very wonderful feeling. The. However, as a result of his work as a webmaster, in other areas of the integrated ability is to be sure. There is another friend she is to do the artists, they are more funny, an art work actually also includes guest pour, to deal with some of the financial work, so the all-around talent really want what can.

professional talents can be said to be started in recent years by the Internet enterprises, and wages are becoming more and more high, and a work will be very small, such as program development, will be divided into front-end development engineer, back-end database development engineer, development engineer, tester, it is unthinkable for the webmaster, these are only one person but also includes art. But now the social division of labor is more and more thin, even entrepreneurial small businesses are also such a subdivision to recruitment, of course, to obtain the venture capital enterprises.

so in the workplace are all-around talent small enterprises favor, quite good, and easy transformation, suddenly found himself that ability is not programming, but to engage in design or promotion, they can not learn from scratch, you can immediately.

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