The adventures of young Taobao 2B

The adventures of young Taobao 2B

no gaoshuai rich background, is not particularly poor dwarf rub, senior Indoorsman, 2B young, silly lovable, basically is to describe me.

thought I was a high school when looked at the mother’s four novel, results in a simple young mind is a sin pseudo literary seed! Often fantasy on a beautiful afternoon, lying on the balcony on the sofa, warm sunshine on the body, drinking coffee and listening to music. Now want to come, really fucking loaded ah!

graduated from the University for two years, the first car, and then look for a job. Good can not go, bad don’t want to go. Think of yourself is interested in fashion, fun nature to YISHION when shopping. At that time the whole store men and women 20 shopping guide, I was lucky, the results of the first month on the list of fifth. In a personal commission to take the performance of the store, when I finally gouxindougu make first appearance is more and more serious, deliberately not bad words have reached the ears. The boss is a private franchisee, all rather baffling the deduction of wages, I belong to the kind of complex particularly afraid of people, do not learn something and management is not formal, so second months when I resigned.

that time is really confused ah, I believe that most university graduates have just graduated in a period of time especially confused!! what should I do? What can I do? What will I do? These three questions for bothering me for a year after graduation!! a lot of ideas again, fear of failure, hesitation, contradictory, tangled, confused!


I quit after a year, Taobao opened a shop on the recommendation of a friend, had never bought anything at Taobao, has been listening to a lot of people around said he opened the Taobao store sales, has done well, the most important is the Taobao shop is free.

actually I drive a Taobao store is not easy, just do things like online banking, registration audit spent more than a month’s time, the store ready, or supply a headache. I began to find sources on the Internet, but do not want to risk, how to say that they did not experience the courage is relatively small, can not purchase, looking for a home to sell, do not purchase, do not have their own delivery, fairly good, Download Taobao assistant, do not use and continue to learn, to upload pictures while many can modify the batch, but there are still many need one by one to the baby is very hard, so upload.

My Taobao

store the normal operation of a few months, the business is not many, than I before the annual income is strong, but I think this is not, I need a high reputation of the shop to earn a lot of money. Brush reputation is certainly not, if the store is closed, it is worse than jumping out ah, I still feel a bit more to receive a high reputation of the shop is relatively reliable.

I released the purchase information on some websites, released just 2 hours, there are a lot of people with me, but basically is the intermediary, in some small sellers Taobao group consulted a lot of people is recommended if you want to buy.

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