Chen Tianqiao the most advanced family management

Chen Tianqiao the most advanced family management

Many entrepreneurs start to push the body forward, light, unique one Chen Tianqiao sat in his chair, looking at the hands of the data from time to time to resist the ear of excitement.

2004 in December 3rd, China Hotel, ", the most popular entrepreneur " awards ceremony dinner held here. Eat meal

after pinched point to Chen Tianqiao, the lively scene obviously feel a little misfits. So when reporters ask him out of the interview, he gladly stepped out.

almost no sense not confident! So when it comes to family management and other issues, the 34 year old chairman of the board of directors of the network is calm but firm, that " family management is the most advanced management mode ". How to deal with the " " can not keep pace with the times;; business veteran, he stressed: " if someone left behind, we will eliminate him without hesitation! "

select managers standard: to the profit of the enterprise is heavy

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