My Taobao five Amoy road experience teach you Amoy money

My Taobao five Amoy road experience teach you Amoy money

Keywords: Amoy source

is the Tao do not earn money don’t brood on?.

1, find a good program to upload, use first, included here, keywords, the Commission will come, this is a good way to be extended, let the program automatically for you to make money, we can take a lot of time to do anything else. The Tao do hard, I will not say, at the beginning of the money is earned ah, then I draw the conclusion of a few words in front of, since we will not use no promotion, promotion, proved very effective, free source I never believe, my website is the example.

there is a web site included in the problem, in addition to the normal included, I would like to spend some thought, such as: links (I only say the most effective) to find a high weight link. PR0 do not waste time, can not find the money to buy it, buy links, all of the Ming dark. (if you are lazy) this is not simply to raise the value of PR, but to Baidu every day to patronize you, snapshot update fast, included more. Key words, including the long tail keywords, so to the flow, high conversion rate. Commission will naturally, remember, there is no investment, there is little harvest.

2, you can like me, to do Taobao distributors, (the reason to do distributors, the threshold is low, there is no commodity can do) this is my new. This is very simple to do, the effect is very good, but often to stay in the computer next to the people who have such conditions. To do that you are familiar with the goods, for example, you have to study the whitening, you will be rich, people often buy things to ask you, you will be able to answer, you can sell the local commodity because you can do but to look at the field, it is more convincing. To increase sales, you can use 3, the so-called small profits is the truth.

3, no one to buy you things? Don’t worry, you can put your goods to other NB Amoy promotion, you have less money.

goods shelves, no one to buy? It is not afraid, you lazy but others diligent ah, give him the money 5%—30% Nb, now many people, they have become the climate, let him give you sell it, in practice, it is best to make in the beginning, back slowly with popularity you can discard them.

4, there is a more exciting game, the reason is that you want to stimulate the key word, identified on the Taobao through train, dial 42 pounds.

I began to lose, is not familiar with, I’m not afraid now, as long as you don’t be greedy, less money, leave some profit to others, you will have money every day.

tell the truth this some skills, I spent 1000 yuan to buy a word, popularity has come, the click rate is high, turnover is also a lot of, but my cost is too high, also did not earn much money, after careful research in Baidu billboard, benefit, so no.

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