dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial nine

dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial nine

from the beginning of this section, it really began to explain some of the actual operation, some people are very patient, able to see part nine.

first, we start from the most basic or bought, a lot of friends still do not know what the host website, here, I said about the host to host the general knowledge, buy detection from the following aspects:

1: Web response capability

web site response ability testing software

Greater China broadband network has a website response testing service. Free online test let you give yourself first before buying a reassurance.


the above address is the test address. In the site test, enter the space provider free of charge three or two domain names. Click test. If the return value is greater than 0.40 seconds. This space must not be used to do. Less than 0.40 to 0.10 such sites are medium level. It can also be careless. Less than 0.10 to. So you can not miss such a space. It’s your choice.

two: use some ASP pointers to detect what your space supports.

is now mostly used in original SP probe?. Upload this file to your space. In the browser select: http://s. your domain name / file address / file name. Then enter. You can see the details of this site to support what features. Finally, there is a server capability test. Personally, I think that’s not very useful. For example, I used this pointer to test my own computer. P4-2.6C overclocked to 3.18G. DDR400-1G memory, Gigabyte 875 (8KNXP) motherboard. Actually the test results as my another computer P4-1.8A overclocked to 2.88. DDR333-512M memory. Gigabyte 845PE-800 motherboard. Kuangyun.

three: DOS command to a simple test speed.


Ping is a very useful tool for testing the status of network connectivity and the sending and receiving of packets. Ping to the target host (address) sending an echo request packet, the target host requirements after receipt of a request reply, in order to determine the response time of the network and whether the machine and the target host (address) of China unicom.

if the implementation of Ping is not successful, you can predict the failure occurs in the following areas: network failure, network adapter configuration is not correct, IP address is not correct. If Ping is successful and the network is not available, then the problem is likely to be in the network eight

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