The young entrepreneurs Zhang Zhidong 16 years of passion

The young entrepreneurs Zhang Zhidong 16 years of passion


Tencent Inc founder Zhang Zhidong

One of the core

Tencent Inc founder Zhang Zhidong announced the 20 no longer serve as executive director, and former chief technology officer in 6 months, honorary president of Tencent turned to school full-time lecturer, lifelong honorary consultant and Tencent school identity.

"I am thankful and happy mood", referring to the outgoing Zhang Zhidong with his feelings, always humble smile says.

chairman and CEO Ma Huateng in the eyes of the directors of the Tencent Inc, Zhang Zhidong is the first-line technical experts and technical backbone of the most trustworthy, Tencent Inc is the values of users who insist on practicing, always keep his low-key. When the Tencent technology interview, he talked about the most, is their lack of introspection, employees of the company and the same, Thanksgiving, but also on the future of the ardent expectations of Tencent.


The Internet can not yilaomailao "

Tencent Technology: we are all wondering why you made the decision to leave CTO at this time?

Zhang Zhidong: I had this idea a few years ago, two years ago, and Pony (Chairman of the board of directors of Tencent Inc and CEO Ma Huateng), Martin (Tencent Inc President Liu Chiping) to discuss the baton relay thing. At that time the company is in transition, so we agreed to spend two years, leading the company to participate in the transformation of the backbone of the process, the completion of the handover. Now, the company’s development has taken a key transformation, towards a more open system, the management team has gradually matured, is a time to be assured that the opportunity to pay.

Tencent Technology: This is only the answer to the reasons for leaving, but why do you want to leave it?

Zhang Zhidong: I’m from 27 to 43 years old, has experienced 16 years of high strength and dedication, the business of Internet, need enough passion and strength, not yilaomailao. Over the past few years, the body is not very good, some energy can not keep up. Traditional industries can also say that the old ginger spicy, but in the Internet industry, the need for leaders to be very energetic, a week without a few hours of devotion, will be out of touch, do not understand what young people think.

work twenty hours a week, thirty hours, in the traditional industry with the opportunity to have the opportunity to experience 20 years. But in the Internet industry, even the basic sense of touch is not enough, leaning on the old is not appropriate to sell.

plus my personality, leadership is not my strengths, I do not like to do management work. I prefer to work on technical architecture and technical instructor. A few years ago due to the rapid growth of the company, has not had the opportunity to change this life. Now you can change the rhythm, I can do their favorite things.

Tencent Technology: I believe, in your mind, Tencent is like your own son

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