A brief discussion on the three places of the single page Taobao guest

A brief discussion on the three places of the single page Taobao guest

recently I have built a few Taobao single page station, and the author of the deepest impression is a daily walk in the Taobao alliance, Taobao, Baidu index between these three. From the selection of products to the keyword filter, there is a new understanding. And know that each step can not be missed, if ignoring the simple steps may be Taobao off the biggest flaw! Realized actually Taobao blue off is still waiting for us to recognize the development! There is always insist! Well below we talk about some ideas I have to the 3 places on the Taobao


, a Taobao Alliance: as we all know, now the Taobao customer competition is very fierce! From the previous flood navigation station to the now popular use of single page SEO promotion windfall commodity, a lot of people actually do a single page for head broken and bleeding! Taobao off the most important is to choose the product. Like what weight, breast now basically is saturated, the novice is difficult to have a good place! See below, the author in the Taobao alliance in selected product categories screenshots! Product categories and types of mass after the terrible number of goods can’t we find we want to promote the products of



two, taobao.com, taobao.com? We are not in the Taobao alliance in selecting the goods on the line? In fact, as shown in the Taobao Taobao alliance is the guest of the promotion of goods quantity and the sellers joined the promotion. The main reason why we search in Taobao is to grasp the mainstream trend of the sale of goods after the Taobao alliance alliance may not be able to display more than the promotion of the future, get a good development!


three, Baidu index: Baidu search volume index is the search keyword statistics user "every day, every month, every quarter, every year the tool, Baidu index statistics and sometimes not allowed! Sometimes a keyword search volume in the first row is unlikely to have Baidu index shows these days! Do the station’s largest feeling is there are some competition and the key word is not some profits of the product, so that Taobao customers most failed not wrong, but the wrong key. There is also the most noteworthy is the choice of products should pay attention to seasonal, something to sell a good winter, spring, summer and can not have a good sales!


well, the above is the author to do Taobao guest for half a year to Taobao customers will have to go to these 3 places some of the views, I hope the 2011 will be done on the new Taobao customers bring some inspiration!

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