Personal webmaster preferred two types of Web site

Personal webmaster preferred two types of Web site

2010 Hunan stationmaster conference, Xiaoxiang Morning a senior editor IT proposed personal webmaster will not die problem. I raised my hand to answer the question.

I think the individual owners will not disappear, if the individual owners have disappeared, then we do "it still necessary? I believe that personal webmaster will flourish, difficulties are only temporary, we do websites, such as outdated, station, A5," and so on. After much development space.

individuals do stand to make money, if you do not make money, then the personal webmaster will disappear, as long as the individual to do stand to make money, then certainly will not disappear.

currently do two websites more money, I answered in the webmaster general assembly when the Xiaoxiang Morning News reporters also said. Here I would like to talk about.

1: do e-commerce: e-commerce development a lot of good, such as excellence, Dangdang, etc.. If you want to do a personal webmaster such a station, I estimate the possibility of almost zero. The station needs much investment, billions of billions of money. We have to do is to minimize the input of the largest output.

so personal webmaster do e-commerce, I think should only do a small product. Products do not have more accurate can be. You choose a windfall. Make a product. You must be making money.

I have a friend who is selling shoes website, she sold shoes, tens of thousands of his income for a month, I used to have friends that do this, do that shuiyisheng products. Earn tens of thousands of dollars a month. Are personal webmaster.

choose the type of product you can choose to watch more TV shopping, TV shopping products are basically profiteering.

individual webmaster choose a product, do a product. So ranked in front of Baidu, Google in front of the really is not very difficult thing, and then the big portal, in a single product of your site, he must also let the edge.

2: do small fire industry station: now do local portal station speculation, in fact the local portal site is not a person you can do it, many people choose to do local portal, is really hard to you.

I think if it is a small city you do a local portal may also have development. You a big city, such as Changsha, you want to do a local portal is too difficult.

why don’t you choose the scope of a bit less: for example, you can do a Changsha real estate network, Changsha car network, Changsha recruitment network, Changsha loan net, many small industries, you do like to make money very strong. However, this kind of competition in Changsha is also very intense, but it is easier than you go to a local portal.

industry station, there are a lot of friends choose to do for the industry "

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