After 80 entrepreneurs mentor Dongsheng entrepreneurial experience

After 80 entrepreneurs mentor Dongsheng entrepreneurial experience

Internet era, online business has become the first choice with many entrepreneurs, but really do not succeed, but why?


information group Dongsheng teachers through investigation and analysis, found some online business rules, though not but these experiences are golden laws and precious rules, following a comprehensive summary of online business success footprint. Entrepreneurship should be based on their actual situation flexible use.

first, have failed to bear the psychological quality

as long as the innovation is always accompanied by failure, but in the continuous innovation and exploration, you will be closer to success. The East is not bright, the west is bright, the north is not bright. What is the way of heaven without man? The truth is the same. For an online entrepreneurs, has tried to two or three kinds of business lost, is commonplace. An online venture Dongsheng teacher, had tested 100 different products.

since the choice of entrepreneurship, the choice of risk, continuous testing, adjust the risk to a minimum, and constantly optimize their business plan.

two, determine the appropriate market positioning

if it is an enterprise, if there are already mature products, plus considerable market demand, this is not a problem. If the company’s existing products or market, would like to use the Internet for adjustments, or are you interested individuals, using the Internet to provide entrepreneurial convenience, become entrepreneurs, market positioning is the primary consideration.

market positioning, the main consideration should be given to the use of their own resources, expertise, the most blind imitation. Chinese people have "herd" wrong, you have to be careful! If you want to do now is not to be done, then you will take the lead. The core of the network is in a creative word, in this creative spirit embodied in the creative, entrepreneurial spirit.

three, marketing is the key

Network Entrepreneurship, to focus on marketing. Not marketing, customers come from? Where do you come from? Where do you come from? Where do you come from?. To do this, you need to consider the following questions:

(1) why do we start to understand the intention of entrepreneurship, the intention of online marketing.

(2) what kind of business do we have to make sure you want to run the product (or service)?.

(3) what are our characteristics? Find yourself different from someone else’s unique "selling point"!

(4) what is the benefit of our products (or services) to the buyer? For a simple example, your product is an online marketing training course. Customers do not want to curriculum is the curriculum after school can give him the benefits, such as the performance of the company’s online doubled, to enhance the visibility of


(5) how to build a good reputation?

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