How to become an entrepreneurial project from an idea

How to become an entrepreneurial project from an idea

Most of

‘s business ideas are very outset not reliable, are full of full of ideal pupil scene in the future, feel that all people should be so in the future, customers of this huge demand even beyond the estimated value, he found a new blue ocean, in changing the world, then the gap between ideal and reality in the end? I put the evolution of the idea of an entrepreneurial friends show for everyone to see, this can let everybody see more details, you can more clearly understand how a reliable venture idea into a reliable business project.


Wen Hao is in a chance to see Liu Zijun founded the kitten home site after the understanding, he added me on the website of the QQ number and I exchange his business plan. Wenhao before working in one of the big four accounting firms, is the manager of the project team, although treatment can be, but his daily work is to face a lot of vague and apathy, but he felt it was not the life he wanted, so he began to plan their own entrepreneurial projects, when he saw the kitten home site, think this is in line with his entrepreneurial style, so take the initiative to communicate with me, and about me.

I have an idea

is the first time we met in Tianhe South Road opened his friend named playground bar, this is a very exotic music, are a group of people who love music open, so it attracts a lot of people who love music to patronize. Although the space is not large, but also made a small stage, below the sofa and chairs are arranged around the stage, feeling a bit like a small concert venue. After we sat down, he was very adept at ordering two bottles of beer I couldn’t name yet, and we started talking.

Wen Hao took iPhone mobile phone to show me some well-known foreign brand creative furniture, and do some creative Home Furnishing concept designers to do the work, he said he had an idea, wants to set up a creative Home Furnishing company designed for young people to build a design, and contacted some foreign designers can help make furniture the hope can create a well-known furniture brand, and then asked me what I thought. I actually do the kitten home but also because a strong interest in creative furniture was founded, Wenhao thoughts with my points of interest are in tune, so I applaud his entrepreneurial projects. However, we are just talking about some of the chat home site and home style, not to talk about how to carry out specific issues such as how to operate.

then the next several times we are all about in this bar talk, but talk several times after I found a lot of talk every now Wenhao are industry trends, industry trends and concepts of things, do not talk to the concrete should the idea of how to achieve level. So one night I told Wen Hao said, this is not going to talk about the results, we should talk about is how to put the idea into action, so that our communication will make sense, otherwise we think

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