Personal experience to talk about electricity providers must have 4 conditions!

Personal experience to talk about electricity providers must have 4 conditions!

I’m 08 years

contact electricity supplier, that will open a pat shop, some of the main products, such as a virtual game props, equipment, telephone charges, etc. some virtual recharge Q coins, it will still go to school, is a matter of doing a part-time. 08 years, a lot of people still do not believe in physical network sales, so virtual products occupy a major share of the online. For a variety of reasons behind it, such as the low margin of virtual products, and so some factors to give up the pat shop. This is my first contact with the electricity supplier it!

09 years I started my first venture, and a lot of people, just like the beginning is very good. It will encounter a lot of difficult problems, my first venture chose the clothing category. The selection of clothing category is a reason, my family are out of fashion, has some inherent advantages, including my own have also stepped on the car (of course is on the play), now there are still many relatives are open a clothing factory. Of course, the first venture can not work with those factories. I chose a generation of stalls, do not bear the inventory to sell a thing, take one. Guangzhou has a big market on behalf of a place in the side of the street, Shahe street, a woman, a lot of rich, Onishi Hao and other similar market. The goods are very cheap, and there is a very convenient packet. About half a year, has always been to maintain profitability, of course, there will be a flow bonus, competition and other advantages of small. The only drawback is the poor quality of products, resulting in the store’s dynamic and evaluation are quite low. That these indicators are included in the store search weight.

behind or give up this model, in the long run is certainly not good. I chose my own group of goods, including shooting, mapping, promotion, marketing, all to do their own. Over the whole Guangzhou clothing market, shooting well, spent 1 months on the shelves. I think I am still very fast, and these will be attributed to my graduation. His group of goods must face their own purchase, to bear the inventory. For the first time about 5W of goods, half a year down, the stock is still pressing 3W, I am too ambitious, very tired, but still stubbornly adhere to the. Not willing to adhere to the 2010! Give up! A period of experience, bitter bitter cannot bear to think of the past, which I think can be realized only by myself.

10 years did not start the business, I was born in my own design, but also had done before the advertising design and graphic, so I am still very confident about the visual, I joined the CAMAL. This is my learning, one of the fastest growing, I saw the team do the electricity supplier, the cohesion, executive force is making me very shocked, before the failures all forget, give me only filled with passion and blood, the first year was very successful, including my own growth very fast. Completed the transition from design to operation, in 2011 to get good results.

Left Guangzhou for 11 years and for a number of reasons, back to a second tier city, maybe

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