Welcome to the alliance channel

Welcome to the alliance channel

In 2004, the mass media officially launched its online advertising platform – soft news network (8le8le.com)

company is located in Haidian District Zhongguancun high tech Park core area, is a focus on providing customers with 360 degree marketing solutions, innovative Internet Technology Development Company, we provide high quality Internet service platform for domestic and foreign enterprises. Tailored to the customer network marketing solutions to maximize the network characteristics, and traditional media integration and interaction, and strive to achieve the highest marketing objectives. The company is a high-tech enterprise approved by the state, with high quality, innovation and team spirit. Since the establishment of network soft to attract including Sina, Dangdang, NetEase, YAHOO and many other well-known Internet Co, and "fashion", BENQ, PHILIPS and other well-known companies have established a good cooperative relationship.

company make full use of good opportunities for the development of network media, as the technical strength of the Internet operators in recent years to soft network in Internet advertising, Internet and software market achieved high-speed development. The company spirit of innovation, pragmatism, integrity, service business purposes. The company will become the most outstanding domestic network interactive marketers. In the consolidation of the existing marketing model at the same time, actively looking for new profit growth point, and strive to make the company to diversify the direction of development.  
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