Small Wangzhuan should not blindly follow the trend

Small Wangzhuan should not blindly follow the trend

found a lot of friends have the habit of following the trend, such as a project on the forum someone posted a high collection chart blindly follow the trend to do, the results not only did not make money, but also take the time.

small today to talk about the disadvantages of doing things to follow the

1 easy to direct resources to death, some time ago the survey station of a small fire, but we have also seen a direct consequence. And SkyDrive and so on, the development of any project is steady growth, if a sudden increase of N membership, or the owners do not pay off station or take advantage of this opportunity to circle the money!


2 is suitable for others do not necessarily for you to do, such as peas, in the home network can be used to make money peas net not more than ten people most of the people are to go to treat entertainment attitude, even a lot of people in it lost money! See others make money to give up their own projects and follow the trend, I have done that is, the advertisement union advertising removed, replaced Taobao off advertising, the result is not very satisfactory, and now in exchange for their ads.

3 carefully on the trap of the webmaster, hyip station we all know it, is to use this mentality to make money. Before the network home is hyip and the investment of the surf zone, then the hyip class a fire, but only a few members of the winner, finally make money is webmaster. And now a lot of Wangzhuan although not directly hyip, but is derived from hyip, hyip ideas or ideas, careful screening.

is often a lack of ideas to follow suit, also means you can not grasp the core technology, the capital market of " 721" law applies in the higher, only a small number of independent thinking people will truly make money! Or recommend some more energy research establishment, eventually stable profit is the advertising alliance. Those who oppose the establishment of profit making friends, I just want to say, you really do it? This paper is written by, A5 first

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