Ma Jiajia entrepreneurs basic culture charm personality body

Ma Jiajia entrepreneurs basic culture charm personality body

from the perspective of public relations of enterprises, enterprise information content has been popular in the past years is too rigid, founder of content dissemination based on being ushered in Dynasty prosperous period.  

recently, Ma Jiajia – a 90 beauty erotic boss – Internet thinking WeChat PPT in the circle of friends came to pass, quite popular. By Luo fat teacher Luo Zhenyu is a noun, we can say: the armour and delight equipment 90, is the 2013 "charm personality body finally pushed to a climax.

charm personality body are very important in all walks of life, such as the film industry in the big star, show off Montana anchor circle, then in the theater. A good restaurant inside the super chef, the star of business managers, powerful charm personality body is not to beat the institution, the person’s aura penetrating tissue construction shadow, shining directly in a variety of fan body.

but Ma Jiajia hot topic, especially want to let the small West said the topic is, an entrepreneur’s charm personality body basic accomplishment is what?

why do you want to discuss the entrepreneur’s charismatic personality because of entrepreneurs, his character and products in the capital, the media and the user’s eyes, are still in the investigation period. The probation period is the probation period, the same is also the critical period. During this period, the entrepreneur must maintain the best condition, high morale, and enough effective strategy. The comprehensive embodiment of these factors, we can simply summarized as a complete charm of the personality of the building process.

from the input and output ratio, in fact, the charm of the body of the founder of marketing is also more cost-effective than the marketing company image. The former relative to the latter, more three-dimensional, more human, more concrete. The entrepreneurs in front of a large living to the station, he said the future than those who ah, those pie painting ah, are more convincing.

of course, the current domestic entrepreneurs more and more, and spontaneous or conscious to build attractive personality body practices more abundant, but in many companies there are just one important task as the market spread, and now we want to emphasize is to take this as a "priority".

then, an entrepreneur should how to build their own personality charm, Ma Jiajia students in her PPT referred to a "first regressed, then from the black, then narcissism" formula, Xiao Xi believes that the horse is molesting teachers classmates composition, so they want to search ground n when want to come out of such a routine. If you enumerate some of the key elements of the charm of the entrepreneur personality, then small West that, at least to include the following five basic dimensions.

its first, entrepreneurial fierce people.

entrepreneurs should possess qualities may be many, but the most important thing is to dare to do, with superior execution, to let you see the media capital, almost burst to fierce attitude. Entrepreneur >

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