Join the Taobao Wangzhuan actually have a brilliant future

Join the Taobao Wangzhuan actually have a brilliant future

recently, I have nothing else to do so to the Internet to find part-time. Relying on their own university network marketing teacher qualifications, easily find a Taobao shop part-time work to help a seller in the Kinney Taobao mall store " to shop promotion.

began to work, I am ready to start from the network marketing several weapons selected several of the most suitable for their promotion. As a part-time, forums and other communities in the post effect is limited and too time-consuming, blog propaganda is also difficult to have much traffic, so these ways from the beginning was pass out. The want want group need special tools group, is also the nets as a non accurate communication, efficiency is not high. So all kinds of mass means also to pass out. Baidu ranked bid threshold is too high, thousands of the initial installation fee, also not be considered. Finally think of more reliable, which is Taobao train, Amoy promotion, as well as the use of Google’s Adwords so easy and easy several effective means.

Taobao Taobao is a major way to promote online shop, to discuss how to drive a lot of articles, Taobao also has a lot of official teaching video. There is not much to say, just need to remind the car has not opened the car, driving really not as easy as Taobao’s teaching video said. Exactly according to the official Taobao video to engage in teaching, you will find your train will burn, train flow up, click rate up, but not necessarily turnover will rise, because this time due to the addition of too much accuracy is not high enough, the decline in the value of the train flow.

car slowly open, slowly adjust, then try it with adwords. The results of the boss said Taobao platform outside the promotion method does not consider, because inaccurate. So, this way is to put.

has only one last resort. My boss said, we use guest promotion. The boss said, can ah, but still more cautious, the Commission took the lead to set the same level of the industry on the line, there is an effect on the rate of commission and then slowly increase. According to the boss’s requirements set by the commission rate, the next guest promotion, half a month by Amoy sold a total of 17 single, total Commission expenditure of 140.42 yuan, the average Taobao off every sale of a commodity will receive a commission of more than 8 yuan.

in my opinion, the current through the shop Amoy promotion only achieve this volume is too low. The average transaction cost is far lower than the guest promotion marketing through-train promotional marketing costs, obviously should increase guest promotion efforts, so I decided to increase the guest promotion commission rate: the first step to the minimum commission this shop goods rate increased from 3% to 3.5%, the highest rate was increased from 5% 8%. And prepare with guest promotion effect gradually increased, increasing the rate of commission until reaching a satisfactory promotion effect. Here, I sincerely hope to have the strength of Amoy

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