Baidu competitive Google Ali mother remarried.

Baidu competitive Google Ali mother remarried.

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            Ali mother trial operation of Internet advertising sales business for sixteenth days, it was rumored to be blocked in the industry Baidu open. It is said that, due to the promotion of search keywords on the Internet with the unknown reason was shelved, Ali mother chose to cooperate with Baidu’s old rival Google, put Adword s keyword advertising.

Ali family member

Ali mother is Alibaba’s newly established Internet advertising marketing network. Ma Yun gave her mission – to make it difficult for the world to do advertising. Ali’s mother’s birth, to fill the gaps in the field of Ali brand in the field of online advertising, which marks the Alibaba e-commerce industry chain to create a complete.

industry has the view that online advertising is a piece of gold cake, the long tail is to rely on the grassroots platform to achieve sustainable expansion, and this alone can not achieve a building. In other words, whether it is Alibaba, Baidu, good yeah, any one can not refuse the infinite extension of the long tail, and Ali mother is out of the market for a new road.

at present, Ali mother opened on the website to buy advertising, advertising, selling my mom, four community sector, including real estate, automobile, delicacy, communication, blog, website or even government organizations and many other advertising categories, and allows the user to make advertising business.

any web site, can put a position of your site as an advertising provision out of position to get Mom above to sell advertisers; optimistic about the position after the purchase by Ali mother, fees paid to the seller directly by alipay. In this way, Ali mother to buyers and sellers to meet directly, so advertisers and websites more transparent, and provides more options.

this way of advertising the sale, especially by the weaker small and medium-sized website owners welcome. For cost reasons, they often do not have an independent advertising marketing team, the effective sale of advertising resources. Ali mother’s way of showing, no doubt for them to bring a strong advertising buyers.

more owners believe that Ali’s mother is the greatest significance in the test for the feasibility of many small and medium site advertising pay. If you do not quickly train a large number of pay for online advertisers, the huge market space of website can only stay in the stage of empty talk.

for advertising buyers, Ali’s mother on the first time to sell advertising and Ali’s unified planning and utilization of the business model for their purchase behavior to reduce concerns. Internet analysts that states: "Mom can use Alipay group Alibaba

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