Amoy girl seeking two transformation the highest daily income of up to 50 thousand

Amoy girl seeking two transformation the highest daily income of up to 50 thousand

from the show the beauty, to the beautiful female sales staff. To attract the eye with a beautiful woman, is a commercial means customary.

according to the principles of economics, the beauty of the economy is around the wealth of beauty resources to create and distribute economic activities, is a kind of beauty as the medium of the media economy. Taobao channel Amoy girl is trying to use this rule to create a new business model.

civilian beauty popular network

"hemp beans" (network language, in particular network model) this new professional identity, but also with the "pro" and other nouns together, become a part of the context of the Taobao can not be cut. Based on the group, 2010, Amoy girl platform officially released.

point to open the "Amoy girl" page, you can see all kinds of beautiful young model, publicly display all kinds of goods are in the form of beautiful young. Different from the traditional model of the network, "hemp beans" and there is no strict height and weight measurements and age limit. According to the Amoy girl responsible person Tongtong (flower name, Taobao each employee has some specific address), said the girl only need to have enough expressive enough.

Amoy girl by the girls themselves, through Taobao certification. At present, the Amoy girl on the platform of active more than 35 thousand Amoy girl, full-time to provide services for Taobao more than 600 network operators, has become the largest network China mold center.

the platform is currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, the six places to catch up with the girls who occupy the Taobao network, hemp beans, the 60%.

net name choke mouth peppers is one of the best, by drying the sun on the network began, and gradually get the sun every single users sought after. Now the sisters have a lot of fans on the Internet, and began to create their own clothing brand.

"reality show" economic value

according to reports, after scouring girl platform itself is not profitable, but this platform and network model has brought great economic value.

according to statistics provided by Taobao, Amoy girls in the first half of 2012, the output value of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan.

girls earn model fees, participate in online sales and other ways to get income, the highest daily income of up to 50 thousand yuan, equivalent to the first half of the city’s ordinary white-collar income. Million into the year Amoy girl has nearly a hundred people.

through the Amoy girl platform to make money as well as the greater scope of the network. With these full performance of the network model, many networks have received a lot of money in return. For example, a network platform for cooperation and through the Amoy girl, daily sales from the original 4000 yuan, the rapid growth to more than ten million yuan, while the cost only a few thousand yuan.

many shop owner said that the network of people on the network shop is equivalent to a piece of gold

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