Nextdoor social networking with your neighbors

Nextdoor social networking with your neighbors



Nextdoor: start with your neighbors real name social

do you know your next door neighbor


in the Internet era, more and more people love to socialize with friends in the online chat, more love, friendship building. A person may have 200 QQ friends and 1000 micro-blog fans, but do not know the guy next door What’s the name?. "Neighbourhood" concept is being run time behind. Nextdoor, an American start-up company, has created a "community social network" to try to get people to pay more attention to neighborhood communication and interaction.

Nextdoor interface is a combination of Facebook and Twitter: on the left is the community map, group activities and invitation registration and other functions, it is the right message box, and chronological friends status updates. Therefore, it has no innovation in function, but really let it stand out is the careful selection and cultivation of user groups.

Nextdoor is not a unified social platform, but by region is divided into a number of sub sites, respectively, gathered in a community of users. This is somewhat similar to the domestic Baidu post bar, but the social characteristics of Nextdoor far beyond the former. For example, you live in Beijing City, Changping District small area, you can establish a specifically for the community site in Nextdoor. Only in small areas of the people to join, and see the other person’s status updates, ongoing activities etc.. The user must register the real name and provide the real address. In addition, Nextdoor data will not be Google (micro-blog) crawl, so others can not search the social content of a residential residents. This means that Nextdoor is a very closed private social networking site: you can only interact with your neighbors, a sub site usually only accommodate two or three people.

an obvious question is how to ensure the authenticity of user information Nextdoor, that is, how to identify a person is indeed a residential district X building X unit XXX room tenants. Nextdoor has taken several very primitive but very reliable methods for this purpose. You can provide a fixed telephone number, Nextdoor will call you to confirm; can use credit card to Nextdoor account transfer 1 cents, in order to prove the authenticity of the address; if the two fails, Nextdoor will provide you with the address to send a postcard, with the above website login required verification code. In addition, you can also invite others to join.

facts show that the complexity of the certification process does not dampen the enthusiasm of users. Nextdoor has been providing services in more than 3500 communities across the United States through a reliable, secure, and localized social network

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