Look into the 100 thousand Taobao guest is how to optimize the site

Look into the 100 thousand Taobao guest is how to optimize the site

I was 09 years in May began to do Taobao guest, so far revenue has reached a total of 100 thousand. From doing this line I have been engaged in their own, and the outside world has never been communicated, and so on the occasion of the year I and the majority of webmasters to share my experience of optimization. We hope to inspire and help a little. I take my stand to lose weight when the case, this is my own method of row to Baidu ranked second in one and a half months, the keyword is "weight loss drug list", I would tell you how I do it:

1, website style: must be different and many sites, that is to say your site must be original style, even if it is a single page. Of course, I suggest that we still use the CMS program to create their own website, because we have to send articles. Do not stop on a web site on the internet. I have a number of sites to prove that the site to do the more different, Baidu new site effect is more obvious.

2, website content: my principle is timing quantitative + original (pseudo original), my website is not updated every day but updated every 2 days, every update 6 Article 6 Article 4 article pseudo original +2 original article, every day for 60 minutes. Here you can grasp the scale, because I stand more so at the beginning of such an arrangement, as the original and false original article, then to their efforts, I can share one, there are actually a lot of shielding Baidu spider web site, we can use to make their own pseudo original and original articles.

3: the site outside the chain, said the chain for the emperor, this is true, the website to buy the chain I objected, but the purchase of the chain, not just to buy, to tell the truth I bought, but every month the chain spend only 100 dollars, I only in and I have a similar site, but the weight of a station to buy, because the new station to buy high weight high PR station by K is a great risk. Here it may be said that if the weight of the station can be directly linked to the exchange of links, why buy, there is not much to say that we must have a little on, swap links and one-way links are very different.


site within the chain: This is my most love to use, because indeed bring results, only if a site in the chain long term will get good rankings, I OJ8 lose weight of each article in the network with key words and point to the home page title to include this (of course keywords). In fact, there is no need to talk about the chain, the method will be, but I do not feel that the use of a lot of people. Here it is hoped that the webmaster must pay attention to.


insisted: as long as the site execution plan, we must adhere to the implementation, must Don’t make a fuss! Good attitude determines, good rankings.

here in the hope that the webmaster friends can make full use of the SEO experience, I dare not say what master, just to share their most useful to you, and hope that we can use the experience to earn more money, good rankings have a good income. Sincerely hope

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