Continuous entrepreneur Wang Xing college students should not venture

Continuous entrepreneur Wang Xing college students should not venture



success comes from understanding user needs

Wang Xing created the, Fanfou and beauty group three different areas of Internet products are highly welcomed by users, he is the demand of Internet users how to find


Wang Xing said, first of all, have confidence in the Internet, this is a revolution, almost any field will be changed by the Internet, which is a big background." He said that as a result of reading in the United States, can learn a lot of American Internet products, "Americans have this demand, many Chinese people will have." Therefore, inspired by the United States on the one hand, on the one hand to contact the actual needs of Chinese users, Wang Xing became the founder of three different fields.

there is a new direction of entrepreneurship, Wang Xing said that there is no next goal, but to focus on the United States to continue to expand the group. "We spent three years to achieve more than and 100 billion market, but the service life of the local electronic commerce will have trillions of market, we still have a large space can develop."

imitation does not necessarily hinder innovation

China because many Internet products have the similar product marks, some commentators think it will hinder the original innovation. In this regard, Wang Xing does not agree. He said that innovation is the solution to the problem, with a problem, it is necessary to think of a new solution, then there will be innovation."

a lot of problems are only China exists, then there will be innovation in Chinese enterprises." For example, Wang Xing, for example, 360 security guards, Sogou input method, the starting point of the Chinese network, have made a foreigner no innovation. Again, such as Tencent, internal innovation is very admirable, although some products are not original, but there are combinatorial innovation."

college students should not venture

more and more college students choose to start their own business, and some even give up their studies. And had to give up the United States to return to school entrepreneurship Wang Xing, how to look at it?

"if someone asks me if I should start a business, my answer has always been" no "" Wang Xing said that after getting this answer, if there is a strong entrepreneurial aspirations of the people, will not take into account the answer, will still choose entrepreneurship. And those who stop clamoring, in fact their entrepreneurial impulse may not be so strong.

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